Green Bee Life

Green Bee Life - the original cannabis lifestyle OTT network

Griff Entertainment announces the formation of Green Bee Life, a brand new, edgy OTT network devoted to promoting diversity within the modern Cannabis lifestyle.

A premium digital network, Green Bee Life informs and explores the Cannabis lifestyle from the perspective of its most enthusiastic advocates as well as the conventional and curious. Breathing new life into Cannabis stereotypes by focusing content on fashion, therapeutic use, cooking with edibles, travel and culture. There will be original programming and curated videos that serve to entertain and educate in a range of long and short formats of news entertainment, unscripted and scripted series and premium shopping from innovative brands as well as Green Bee Life’s own line of merchandise. As a video subscription on demand model, digital access will be available through one app, on all devices at our viewer’s fingertips.

Green Bee Life partners with content creators, brands and a wide-ranging audience to fuel a cultural shift toward positive and responsible information and entertainment within the emerging Cannabis lifestyle.  Our affiliation with established members of the cannabis community will offer viewers a range of compelling videos and articles. In a conscious effort to keeping it green, this mainstream approach is poised to create a buzz that will light up the budding Cannabis lifestyle and reveal its positive environmental impact.

The face of the modern Cannabis lifestyle will not be misrepresented by stigma and misinformation. It is time to clear the air and turn our attention to the value of Cannabis use in our modern world. Green Bee Life spotlights the countless wide-ranging benefits of Cannabis in all its varied forms, including the latest science on various strains, high-end hemp products and creative video content.

The network will lead this exciting and emerging platform, presenting the Cannabis culture to those who seek to understand and incorporate it into various aspects of their lives. It’s a people network with Cannabis, not a Cannabis network with people.

Green Bee Life - The original cannabis lifestyle OTT network

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