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mySPOTLIGHT.TV Video Competition


Griff Entertainment was a proud sponsor of mySPOTLIGHT.TV’s video competition, where content creators showcased their never before seen content directly to their audience. 

The mySPOTLIGHT.TV video competition was a 10 day long video competition curated through the mySPOTLIGHT.TV aggregator, OTT, mobile, Facebook and Twitter. Competitors had 10 days to share, market and drive audiences to their content.

The goal of the video competition was to showcase and award Creators who successfully built their brands and drove viewership on their own channel within the mySPOTLIGHT.TV platform or through social media.

The competition was based on two key measurements: Number of views; and number of VOD (Video on Demand) purchases. Each creator had 10 days to drive views and generate sales. Awards were awarded for two categories:

  1. The video with the most number of views
  2. The video with the most VOD purchases



Two winners were chosen (one for most Video views and one for most VOD purchases) for a a one-hour session where they have the opportunity to pitch their concept to “Hollywood’s King of the Pitch”, Bob Kosberg, chairman and founder of in addition to an in depth critique of their content.


A Featured digital issue of “Talent Monthly Magazine” dedicated to the winner and his or her film, with director/producer Q&A and more.

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