Griff Entertainment Announces They are in the Process of Launching A Cannabis-Themed OTT Network


Griff Entertainment is thrilled to announce the formation of a Cannabis-Themed OTT featuring premium programming on a wide-range of topics regarding cannabis and the sweeping initiatives we’re experiencing now regarding the legal and responsible use of it.

The Cannabis-Themed OTT will produce original programming and is also now accepting submissions for cannabis related partner channels, OTT, and content.

About the OTT
The OTT’s mission is to carry forward decades of effort to redefine the responsible use of marijuana as a legal activity through an intelligent and entertaining platform. Our commitment is to overcome negative or misinformed cultural biases and stereotypes through programming that appeals to discerning audiences and brand products.

Accepting Submissions for Content & Channel Partners!

Channel Partners: If you have related content or a related channel, website, forum or OTT and want to convert your online presence to a higher level submit your content for consideration here.

Brands: If you are a related brand and interested in sponsoring premium content on a powerful platform designed to maximize monetization contact us.

Audiences & Fans: Tune in, watch and interact with your favorite content creators, channels, shows and brands!